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GDM-Phone Verify / Phone and Fax Verify Service.


Validate and Verify Phone Numbers and appending Fax numbers to your database.  Avoid disconnects and wrong numbers by using GDM / Phone, Fax Verify Service - GDM validation service to identify bad phone / fax numbers on your database list before you start calling.


Features and Benefits :


    •  Improve telemarketing efficiency and better results
    •  Reduce fraudulent transactions and charge backs
    •  Make every phone call count
    •  Reduce admin costs of manual phone user verifications
    •  Maintain accurate and up-to-date records
    •  Ensure clean verified records on your database
    •  Seamless and easy integration
    •  All countries and phone types are supported
    •  Our system talks multiple languages (English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, etc)
    •  You have the option to upload pre-recorded wav file or use the built-in Text To Speech (TTS).
    •  Customizable template system



Our service starts an automated transparent call to any number you wish to specify. Your customer is then given a verification code to be entered on your database; which completes the verification.  GDM / Phone and Fax validation service is a simple and cost-effective service that aligns the confirmation of an end-user's phone and fax number, To helps your online business to automatically call your customer, validate a transaction, or action.


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