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Our consumer database are compiled using a very large source of data to provide you with an accurate consumer direct postal mail list, telemarketing, fax list and email lead lists. The customer database recruited via direct mail and inserts, direct marketing campaigns and partner websites. Users can also sign up to receive online consumer incentive goods, They recruit customers through direct mail and telemarketing, as well as via their website and online catalogue.


Global Direct Mail Order Buyers are consumers who have chosen to purchase from all forms of Direct Marketing, Catalogues, Direct Mail, Internet and telemarketing. Our direct marketing database can help you find the right buyers in any niche market, or capture highly qualified sales leads to generate prospects for your sales force.


Residential database lists are compiled of home owners that meet the specific criteria you determine. While we have 25+ to 60 selects to choose from, some of the most common are home value/loan amount, income range, age and geography. A direct mail marketing campaign is only as effective as the mailing list used to distribute your message. With targeted contacts, your promotions can effectively generate sales leads, bolster your sales and enhance your corporate image.


Business to consumer telemarketing is an effective marketing strategy enabling direct communication with an individual from your ideal target market. Using a business to consumer telemarketing list can help a business to generate leads, sell products and services directly with build its database.


Marketing mailing list database are becoming increasingly complicated, challenging mailers with a confusing array of choices and segmentation capabilities. GDM Lists will cut through the complexity for you, and ensure that your mailings take advantage of the most effective lists and list segments available.


With access to every mailing list database on the market, our direct mail marketing professionals can help your business get the word out about everything it has to offer.